Northeast Jurisdiction

October 2015

120 Years of Deaf Ministry
By Rev. Leo Yates, Jr.; photos by Kirk VanGilder

Saturday, October 10, 2015 was the celebration dinner for Christ Church of the Deaf's 120 years of Deaf ministry. The celebratory dinner was held at Arbutus United Methodist Church. Former pastors were invited to return, to share, celebrate, and to give praises to God for the church's ministry. Though there was smaller turn out compared to the 100 year anniversary, those who attended were treated to a nice dinner, joyful entertainment, and were able to share favorite moments with one another.

The Rev. Tony Love represented Bishop Marcus Matthews, who was attending to ministry matters in Puerto Rico. Rev. Love read a congratulatory letter by the bishop who shared in the church celebration. Also, a letter from Bishop Peggy Johnson of the Pen-Del conference was read by the Rev. Dr. Sandi Johnson prior to dinner being served. In the letter, Bishop Johnson stated she was proud to serve as the church's pastor for twenty years and was glad to lead the church into a new era and closed with how important their gifts were to the church-at-large. The Deaf men's choir and the church choir both performed for the crowd, echoing further the gifts by those performing. After dinner, the keynote speaker was the Rev. Dr. Kirk VanGilder and he concluded his remarks by saying that the next 120 years will be just as memorable. The church's choir and the Deaf men's choir performed additional songs for the audience, which was followed by guest dancers.

As the evening concluded, individuals and families stayed and fellowshipped together — a noticeable trademark of not only Deaf culture, but the church's culture as well.

Deaf choir on stage Deaf choir on stage Speaker on stage