Northeast Jurisdiction

November 11, 2017

NEJ Celebrates Thanksgiving

350 people attended the Annual Thanksgiving Feast hosted by the Peninsula-Delaware Conference Deaf Ministries at Grace Church (UMC) in Wilmington, DE.

a side view, traditional church interior, full of people at the concert, with Megg Rose on the platform at the left.

The guest performer was Megg Rose of Deaf Women of Faith from California. Megg Rose is a wonderful, inspiring Deaf Christian sign artist. She shared her testimony and many songs with the Deaf people who attended. You can find her on YouTube, Facebook, and on her website.

poster for event, shows Megg Rose with her hands raised, text reads Absolutely love being a Deaf worship leader and there's no greater gift than God's unconditional love. picture of Megg Rose and Karen Miller standing together

People came from distances over 3 hours away and were inspired. Many of the Deaf people who attended do not have any Deaf ministry near them so this was an opportunity for us to all be together in praise and worship. This event was filled with food, fun and Christian fellowship.

picture from back of church showing Megg Rose on platform.

We are grateful to Grace Church and our pastor, Rev Anne Pruett-Barnett, for their great support of Deaf ministries.