Northeast Jurisdiction

Deaf Ministry goes for a ride

Susie Cook had the best time of her life reliving her girlhood memories of riding a horse. Susie, who has been DeafBlind since childhood, lives with her parents. Since her mother died suddenly, Karen Miller, CLM, who is Deaf and leads the Deaf Ministry at Grace UMC in Wilmington, DE has been providing support for Susie. When Susie started to sign about her horse memories, Karen sprang into action.

A Facebook post, lots of comments, and a friend of my daughter, Ashley, were the answer. God had this planned all along. Susie was thrilled. When I arrived, Susie was already dressed in jeans and a top with horse designs. As soon as we arrived at the stable, she was eager to brush George, the horse, and feed him some of the carrots that Kelly, our Deaf friend in ministry, had brought. Kelly and Susie and I communicated in tactile sign language as Susie asked about the 10 horses, “Names? Colors? How old?” Then Priscilla, the owner of the stable, asked Shelby, George's owner, asked if Susie wanted to ride. I hesitated but as I relayed the question in tactile signs Susie signed a loud YES!!! As she rode around, we were all with happy tears.

Shelby was also in ministry as she declared, “Every now and then, you get to experience moments in life that remind you how incredibly lucky you are. Moments that are beyond humbling. I knew George, my horse, would be the perfect citizen. Watching Susie sign how happy she was and seeing her smile was the most overwhelming feeling I have ever had. George loved being spoiled and could not have been a more willing participant. I am glad he could pass his love on today. I am honored to have been a part of this. I am in awe of my friend's mom and this woman whom she has befriended.” Everyone was thrilled and hopes that we will come back.


We ended a perfect day with our picnic on a blanket near the stable. Everyone was on Cloud 9. This was a moment we will always cherish in our hearts.