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cover of Breaking the Sound Barrier, shows people holding hands to their ears The 2011 edition of Breaking the Sound Barrier in Your Church: Ministry & Mission With People who are Hard of Hearing or Late-Deafened includes the CART system, and is now available as an Adobe PDF file. The original edition was written by Bob Walker. The booklet provides much useful information on how to minister to late-deafened and hard of hearing people. The booklet was created by UMCD's Committee on Church Promotion. The National Committee supplied a grant to cover the production cost. Printing was done by the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference's Council on Ministries office.
Click here to download Breaking the Sound Barrier Adobe PDF.
cover of Signs of Solidarity The Second Edition of Signs of Solidarity: Ministries with People Who are Deaf, Late-Deafened, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind has been published. The 2003 edition is a revision of the 1994 first edition written by the Rev. Kathy Black, PhD., professor at Claremont School of Theology.

A sub committee of the National Committee carried out the revision. The members were Candis Shannon, Chair, Vae Rose Fultz, Rev. Kirk Van Gilder and Rev. Dr. Robert (Bob) Walker. Nancy Kingsley became the editor as the work progressed. Jill Grimshaw, Holly Elliott, Ginnie Clark-Wright, Bob Walker and others shared parts of their personal stories of deafness in the book.

The greatly revised and expanded contents of the book include Part One dealing with the Deaf culture, Part Two with late-deafened and hard of hearing people, and Part Three with deaf-blind folk. Also included are a theological statement, a glossary of terms, suggested steps toward specific ministries, a list of resources, and a cutout survey document to guide a church or agency toward hearing accessibility.

American Sign Language hymns, a plain dark cover American Sign Language hymns, a plain dark cover "A History of the United Methodist Congress of the Deaf" by Kirk VanGilder. 1999. This spiral bound book of 86 pages traces the origins of ministry with and for the Deaf in the Church, the United Methodist Church and its predecessors. Easy to read and a good reference book for lay and scholars. Contains information on the first two Deaf men ordained by the Methodist Episcopal Church, Philip Hasenstab and Daniel Moylan. Cost $25. 

To order send check payable to "UMCD" to: Rev. Tom Hudspeth, Treasurer UMCD, 9200 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX 75220.

American Sign Language hymns, a plain dark cover Hymns for Signing — American Sign Language provides translations (text) for use with the United Methodist Hymnal. Best used in conjunction with Martin Sternberg’s American Sign Language: A Comprehensive Dictionary, it translates every song in the hymnal. Words are written in ASL order, with references to Sternberg’s dictionary to get pictorial representations of the signs used. This is an invaluable resource not only to United Methodists, but to members of other denominations, as so many of the hymns included are standard throughout the various denominations.

Curt Keller, editor; LaVerle Carrington, head translator; Wendy Carrington, Lee and Janet Painter, Jean Miller, Rev. Tom A. Summey, Jr., Angie Liston, Barbara Clark, Debbie Johnson, Gerri Wellman, Teresa Wilson, Diane Peterson, Lori McKenzie, and Ronda Hewlitt, translators. Organized by the United Methodist Congress of the Deaf. Financial assistance was provided by the Scarritt Foundation and the United Methodist Board of Discipleship. Published by Abingdon Press, 1995. Spiral-bound, 480 Pages, ISBN 0-687-43180-8. Available at Cokesbury.

The Faith We Sing American Sign Language Edition was developed to provide persons with hearing impairments access to the songs and hymns as they are sung. Many words and concepts in hymns do not exist in American Sign Language (ASL); signers must "translate" hymns and songs used in worship into ASL prior to the service. This text-only edition is primarily for signers to use in worship and other church settings. It will also be helpful to those who have impaired hearing for use with their families or in other areas. All 284 selections are included in an easy-to-use, easy-to-read format.

Published by Abingdon Press, 2004. Paperback, 480 Pages, ISBN 0-687-06681-6. Available at Cokesbury.